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19th September 2018
October 14, 2018

Thanks for a great session, everyone worked so hard and learning at a pace.


Warm up: Each week I am keen to put some learning technique in the warm up and last night we focused on BLENDING the choir - thats balance and tone quality. We did this singing Stand by Me. We have 19 Sopranos, 32 Altos and 14 Tenors. So you can see the balance is quite uneven. Often when the Tenors are in full force, the rich depth of sound and wonderful quality of tone makes the Choir sound amazing even though they are the smallest section in number. Look in the Learning section to read about BLENDING the choir

Songs: We finished WW1 Medley: keep the Home Fires Burning and sang the completed version. Went through the first song of the Abba Medley: Waterloo (given out last night) and we finished off with Valerie. Valerie is important to look at with the Blending technique above as the Medley changes around often. We will sing this again next week making sure that the melody is the loudest at all times.


Warm up - we will continue with BLENDING & we will also go over RHYTHM & TEMPO using different songs

Under Pressure

Finish Waterloo

Old songs we will sing: Hallelujah & House of the Rising Sun

See you in the Ugland next week. Feel free to post on the Blog!

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