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October 7, 2018

Blending the Choir

So here are a few tips for BLENDING the choir that we talked about last night:

1) The section who is singing the melody (tune) should be the loudest section and the harmonising sections need to balance each other in volume and not be louder than the melody section. Also the melody often changes between sections in one song.

2) Individually try to listen to the others in your own section and make sure you are not singing too quietly or too loudly compared to others around you.

3) Then make sure you listen to the other sections when they are gong through their part, it helps to hear what they are doing and to get a balance across all the sections.

Rhythm & Tempo

In simple terms, tempo is how fast or slow a piece of music is performed, while rhythm is the placement of sounds in time, in a regular and repeated pattern. Tempo generally is measured as the number of beats per minute, where the beat is the basic measure of time in music.

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