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New term 12th Sept 18
October 7, 2018

Welcome back! This is our new BLOG section. We were so pleased to see you all last week and look forward to a couple more new starters this week.

Every Thursday we will post what we did the night before and will also give some pointers to what we will be learning the following week. We will also put general NEWS on here. As a member of the Choir you will also be able to post any comments, tips, feedback or questions you may have for us.

The idea is this will generally cut down on the amount of emails you receive. You can touch base just once a week if you want to, or more if you access the learning material and want to see whats going on on the BLOG page. We will also put all sheet music on the LEARNING MATERIAL page for a limited period for you all to print off when its needed.


Different warm ups, range checker for sections, run through of known material to get everyone into the Choir mood. New sheet music given out to start learning for next week - UNDER PRESSURE by David Bowie and Queen. Also discussed all the material for the new term. For the Armistice - WW1 Medley, Beatles Medley, Abba Medley and 1 song for each Nation. We will also learn Roar by Katy Perry, Silent Night and Last Christmas by Wham. We will also be doing a few surprises along the way including the group songs and hopefully some interesting solos for the younger members.


Listen to Under Pressure as we will start this next week. We will also be finishing off the WW1 Medley and starting the Abba Medley (this is off line music so will be handed out to you all next week). During our warm up each week, we will be looking at a different topic around music in more detail -through a specific warm up song. Last week it was trying to keep to a beat with The Clapping Song and next week will look at Balance, Tone and Blend of the Choir.

See you next week, bye!

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