A modern Choir for every voice
Established in January 2017, The Boogienotes Rock and Pop Choir has gone from strength to strength with a membership of 65.

It's a contemporary choir singing popular Rock & Pop songs with the occasional well-known Classical tune orJazz standard thrown in too. It doesn't matter if you haven't sung publicly before or if you are a seasoned chorister, we welcome singers at all levels including beginners.

Its a fabulous way to combine singing and performing without necessarily having the spotlight on you. It doesn't matter if you make mistakes, we will learn the right notes as a group.

We currently rent a space for the session at Stowe School each week. We dont hold auditions and it doesn't matter if you dont read music.

The choir is run by Miles Nottage, a professional musician and singer songwriter for the last 25 years. He brings out the best in every member of the choir in a calm, encouraging and supportive way.

Just come along every week and sing! Miles does not use backing tracks, instead he accompanies all the songs on the piano.

It is so much more than a Choir, its a chance to sing, perform, meet others and generally have great fun!
The Choir meets every Wednesday between 7.15-9.00pm at the Chung Music School, Stowe School.
We run 3 terms per year each of around 12 weeks.
We do not encourage drop-in membership or offer refunds for missed sessions as we feel that every member of the choir
has something to offer every week and missing sessions regularly may hinder your progress in learning the songs.
It costs £6.50 per session and payment is in termly blocks.
What's included:
  • A weekly rehearsal.
  • Some learning each week around vocal technique.
  • A new & varied repertoire at the beginning of each term.
  • The Arrangements: Some of the songs are arranged by Miles and he will choose the material he thinks will bring out the best in the Choir. He is very happy to consider specific song requests as well. We also an online choral resource.
  • You will be given a resource pack when you sign up.
  • Access to the parts for learning via a website.
  • Copyright fees for all the music used and performing licences for all performances.
  • Hiring of the venue, maintenance of the website, full insurance during the session and for any performances we hold.
  • We will hold at least twice yearly performances for the public and we will be open to any other events that may come our way.
Find your voice
When you first start singing we will need to work out what your vocal range is if you dont already know. All this means is finding the highest and lowest notes you can sing. Adult voices in choirs are usually divided into four main ranges:
Soprano: higher female
Alto: lower female
Tenor: higher male
Bass: lower male
These ranges all overlap and some women can sing in the tenor range and some men can sing as in the alto range. After your first session, it will be obvious which section of the choir you need to join. We tend to run the Choir in three parts; Soprano, Alto and Tenor/Bass together.
Future performance dates

11th November 2018: The Armistice Concert 6pm Buckingham Town Centre

19th December 2018: Christmas Concert 7pm, Ugnaldn Auditorium, Stowe School